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The three most common “Master Fader" questions are:

    “How loud should I print my mixes?“ 

    “What is a good output level for Spotify, Apply, YouTube, CD burning or Video?”

    “How much headroom should I leave for the Mastering Engineer?”


The M1LimiterLite is the answer.  


The M1LimiterLite is a transparent compressor and brick wall peak limiter with intelligent attack and release controls. The input control drives the limiter section to make your mixes as loud as possible without overloading the Output. The Headroom knob selects the perfect output level for Digital Releases, CD Burning, Video Broadcast or for sending to a Mastering Engineer. 


And the amount of level you can get without creating a mess in the low end is astonishing.

With the M1LimiterLite, your mixes will be at the correct level every time. 

And you will NEVER lose the level war again. 


We should have named the M1LimiterLite the OMG plugin. 

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