Troubleshooting Guide

Before contacting us for customer support, please check these pages: FAQ | Installation Help | Compatibility.

If you are unable to resolve your issue AFTER checking these pages, we will be happy to help. 

When contacting us, you will need to include ALL of the following information:

• Your registered e-mail address.

• The date of purchase.

• The software you are using (e.g.; MBL  DBL  M1L).

• The Version Number (e.g.; v2.0.1, etc.).

• A list of all other Final Mix Software products you have installed in your computer.

• Your Computer (Mac or PC).

• Your Operating System (eg; Mac OSX v 10.7.5).

• Your DAW (e.g.; Pro Tools). 

• What version? (e.g.; 10.3.7).

• How did you install the software? (Installer or other method (describe).

• Did you check your computer and verify the plugin is in the correct location? (CLICK HERE for a list).

• Where was the software installed? 

• For VST users:  Does your DAW support VST 2.4 plugins?

• A Detailed Description of the problem:

CLICK HERE for a Customer Support form to submit with your request.

Troubleshooting Guide

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