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The Feedback Detector App uses the built-in microphone or other audio input to quickly identify the unwanted frequencies that cause feedback in stage monitors and PA Systems. It was specifically designed for Sound Engineers, Musicians and Bands to help fix ugly feedback without any of the guesswork. 

The Feedback Detector is extremely responsive and its large display can easily be read on stage or in dimly lit venues.

Apps for iPhone & iPad

It’s amazing how this app is being used! From tracking dolphins and whales to tuning the interior EQ of car stereos to spotting Morse Code frequencies. So, it’s not just for finding feedback in your PA system.

“Feedback Detector is a simple, well-designed app for ringing out feedback for monitors. It is a very helpful tool!”  -Francisco Moreira

“I just wanted to say....YEAH MAN!!! This is a TOP SHELF plugin!!!  I really underestimated the technical prowess you guys have!!! I use it quite a bit since I received it!!!  Thanks (you're on to something).”  -Anthony Williams (AntMAN Music Productions)

“I've been an amateur radio operator for nearly 53 years and have always enjoyed using Morse Code in my Ham conversations with people all over the world.  Your app easily picks out the tone of the signal I want to "zero beat." -Robert "Rick" Barrow